Friday, August 12, 2011

Signs of the Times?

Well, this is not an impressive start.  First week back and I'm late with my Friday post.  As usual, I'm going with Friday silly stuff but I will give you a preview of coming attractions.  Based on conversations I had with a couple publishers at the PSWA conference (real live publishers - honest), I've got a major change in the works.  I'm going to tell you all about it on Monday.  Please stop back then.

For today - just some signs seen around the office.  Enjoy.

You gotta love that last one. Anything free.

Have a great weekend.  See you Monday.

I'm Currently Enjoying: The Help by Katheryn Stockett...which I started while following the kids from roller coaster to roller coaster (see Wednesday's post) and finished at 4:30 this morning, which is why this post is late.  This is a really excellent book.

Groaner of the Day:  There was a Russian man named Rudolph, a high ranking member of the KGB. One evening Rudolph and his wife were walking along and it began to snow.

"My, look at the lovely snow," said his wife.

"No, that is not snow, that is rain." replied Rudolph.

"No, this is snow," she said.

"Look, there is a palace guard, we will ask him." Rudolph went to the palace guard and asked, "Is it raining or snowing?"

The guard was no dummy.  "What do YOU think it is doing?"

Rudolph replied, "Raining."

The guard said, "Yes, Comrade, I was going to say raining, also."

So Rudolph and his wife went walking off.  The guard could just barely hear the KGB official say:
"Rudolph, the Red, knows rain, dear."
(I'm sorry.  I just can't help myself.)


Shellie said...

I love those office pictures, Linda. You made me smile.

Maria Zannini said...

There's been many a time I've needed a small piece of paper. Loved all the pictures.

We won't speak of the groaner.

Jemi Fraser said...

That was bad!!! :)

Love those pics - I'm going to make that photocopier one up for our school -love it!

Karin said...

Hey Linda!

So glad you are back. I truly missed the groaners. Can't wait to hear about the changes coming in your WIP.
Will stop by often.


Dru said...

LOL and you're the groaner.

I read The Help last year and absolutely loved it.

Looking forward to hearing more about your changes.

Love the last photo.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Shellie - always happy to give someone a smile. By the way, I'm having trouble with my Google account. It's got a handful of blogs it's refusing to let me leave comments on (thinks I'm a bad blogger or something). I am reading your but can't leave a comment until I get this issue resolved. And Happy Blogaversary.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Jemi - I send the copier one to my old office to use. I used to be the one dealing with those questions. Wish I'd had it back then.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Marie - Glad you enjoyed the pics. (You know you laughed at the groaner. Come on, admit it.)

Linda Leszczuk said...

Hey Karin - So glad to have a true groaner fan. Actually two, cuz I know the Captain enjoys them.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Thanks, Dru. I thought The Help was fantastic. Are you going to see the movie?

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Oh my God those are great! Loved the second one. And scary, but you know there's a reason for the first one.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I love that sign for the printer. It is so universally perfect.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Susan - Wished I'd had that one handy back when I used to get those questions.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Diane - Sadly, there is probably a reason for the third one, too.