Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sharing Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving week here in the states so I'm going to vary from my usual hump day post today to share a few thoughts on the holiday. (To my friends in other lands who aren't celebrating a holiday this week, please bear with me.)

There's a lot of controversy right now on the subject of stores opening on Thanksgiving afternoon or evening to get a jump on the "Black Friday" shopping frenzy.  I don't think it's about the's about the shoppers. If any of these stores open tomorrow and no one comes to shop because it's a special holiday, next year the store will probably stay closed. I do not expect this to happen.

Does anyone remember Blue Laws? When I was growing up in Massachusetts, stores weren't allowed to open on Sunday, because..well, it was Sunday.  (Pharmacies were allowed to open but could only sell medicines or first aid supplies.)  Sundays were for church and for families. Then the laws were repealed in some areas and people would drive to those areas on Sunday to shop, and the laws slowly disappeared. Now we all shop on Sunday and no one thinks anything of it.

In a few years, I imagine Thanksgiving will be just another shopping day and Christmas will be the last day considered "special" enough to put our need to consume on hold for one day.  Until it isn't.

It's up to us, of course.

A word of thanks here to all those who have always worked on "holidays" - police, firefighters, health care providers...all those whose work must be done every day for the sake of the rest of us. Bless you all.

This Thanksgiving will be a hard one for our family because of an empty place at the table. I know a few of you are facing the same thing. My prayers are with you.

But I have so much to be thankful for this year, the list would fill this post and several more. So I'll go with the biggie: tomorrow both of my sons and daughters-in-law and all the grandkids will be here with hubby and me to enjoy a traditional turkey dinner.  Doesn't get much better than that.

Will you share something you're thankful for this week?

Now let me close with a couple of my favorite Thanksgiving funnies...

Those two always get me.

Don't forget to share something you're thankful for this week.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, or if this isn't a holiday week where you are, just have a wonderful week and I'll see you here next Wednesday.

Thought for Today:

Years from now, will they remember that 'great' gift you scored on sale, or the special times you shared?


Maria Zannini said...

I grew up in Chicago where it was the union that dictated how we shopped. After 6pm all meat cases were covered up because of the butcher's union. Since that was all I'd ever known, it didn't faze me but I was sure happy when it went away.

Later, in Texas I met up with the Blue Laws. I didn't mind most of the time, but sometimes Sunday was the only day I had free to shop.

I don't shop on Thanksgiving--or Black Friday for that matter. Nothing is so cheap that it's worth facing those crowds.

Happy Thanksgiving, Linda, to you and yours.

Hugs, my friend.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Linda.

I grew up in California and I didn't know about Blue Laws until I went through Basic Training in Alabama. And, of course, our one day pass was given to us on a Sunday. Nothing was open!! :)

LD Masterson said...

Maria - I'm with you on Black Friday. Not worth it. That's the day I start decorating the house for Christmas. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you, Greg, and all your creatures great and small. I'm holding a thought for your "empty place". Hugs back.

LD Masterson said...

Stacy - Yeah, those laws did have a downside. (We used to sneak across the state line into Connecticut.)

Carol Kilgore said...

The first year with the empty space is the most difficult. I'm thankful for so much, and one of the things is for all my blogging friends :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I remember when stores weren't open on Sundays. I think it's a shame they make those employees work on Thanksgiving. I refuse to go shopping, or out to eat, or to a movie on holidays.

I'm thankful I get to cook Thanksgiving for friends this year.

LD Masterson said...

Carol - Yeah, it is. And my blogging friends would certainly make my list, too.

Diane - Me, too. We stay home and play games. Enjoy cooking.

Clarissa Draper said...

Great "Thought for Today"! I wish times could go back to when stores were closed on Sunday. I wish things would just slow down and not be just about things and spending and gifts. What about family?

Jemi Fraser said...

Agreed! I always think of the folks working retail who rarely get two days off in a row and then have to work the holidays too. I think those are the only people who should be allowed to vote on whether or not stores should be opened those days

Mason Canyon said...

I remember when stores were closed on Sunday, seems like so long ago now. I'm thankful for the wonderful friends I've made through blogging like you, Linda. Hope you and your family have a wonderful day. Happy Thanksgiving.

LD Masterson said...

Clarissa - I often feel just that way.

Jemi - Now wouldn't that be a nice change? Of course, the rest of us can actually cast our votes - by staying home.

Mason - Thank you so much. And, of course, to you as well.

Mike Keyton said...

A very happy Thanksgiving, Linda from the right or the wrong side of the pond. (Though one in six weirdly celebrate Thanksgiving over here - an excuse for gluttony or victims of a corporative culture that senses new markets :)

Vanessa Morgan said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

mshatch said...

I grew up in Mass. and remember when you couldn't go to a store on Sunday. Personally, I wish it was still that way. Less people on the road, less gas used used, more people hanging out with their family. I wish the Blue Laws still existed but Heaven forbid we can't get something exactly when we want it.

As for something to be grateful for...well, we got a bit of a storm here yesterday and a lot of folks don't have power - again. Thankfully, I am not one of them this time!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

So glad you get to have everyone at home.
For the first time this year, one of my children couldn't be home for Thanksgiving. We skyped but we were both a little sad.
Enjoy having the family around.

Rhonda Albom said...

I went to Uni in Missouri, and yes, I remember blue laws. I live outside of the US now. Here in New Zealand, we have statutory holidays where it is illegal for stores to be open for all or parts of the day - Christmas, Easter, ANZAC Day and maybe another, and the other public holidays are huge sales. If stores open on statutory holidays, they get a fine. Some think it's worth it, others not. Also, restaurants are allowed to charge up to 15% more on any public holiday.

LD Masterson said...

Oops, sorry I'm late on these replies.

Mike - Probably a little of both.

Vanessa - It was, thanks. Hope yours was as well.

mshatch - Sometimes I miss the Blue Laws. It was a simpler time.

Susan G/K - I understand. I didn't get to see one of my kids on Christmas last year (first time) and it was hard.

Rhonda - Sounds like a mixed blessing. I fear if we tried legally closing stores on a holiday, anyone who didn't celebrate that holiday would scream about their civil rights being violated and that would be the end of it.