Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snowed In On Hump Day

Happy Hump Day

Oops. I was so busy watching the snow fall and keeping an eye on the closings list last night, I forgot the blogosphere doesn't have snow days.

It looks like everything else around here does. We got about five inches of snow topped by an inch of ice and even the Air Force Base where my hubby works is closed. What used to be a cause of celebration among the school kids is now greeted with groans. All the area schools have used up their allotted "snow days", so days missed now have to be made up.

Actually, having my husband home today will come in handy. Monday afternoon, I was heading to the basement to move a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer, and stepped off the stairs into several inches of cold water. The pipe issue has been resolved - the massive clean up of stuff that got wet remains.

But I digress. You're here for your hump day funnies.

Have you ever gotten this Windows error message?


How about some letters to Dear Abby?

Dear Abby, 
 I've suspected that my husband has been fooling around, and when confronted with the evidence, he denied everything and said it would never happen again.

Dear Abby, 
I joined the Navy to see the world.  I've seen it.  Now how do I get out?
Dear Abby,
     I was married to Bill for three months and I didn't know he drank until one night he came home sober.
I know Abby prides herself on being able to spot a fake letter but I really hope these people were joking
 I love this one at so many levels.

In case you can't read it, the sign says:
The vet said I wouldn't live to see 3. Today, I turned 7, so I pooped on my vet's lawn.
PS - I'm wearing an octopus on my head because I can. That's why.
That would almost qualify as your weekly "aw" but I like this one better.
 Happiness is a Boxer sandwich.
Can't you just feel the love and contentment. 
Okay, time for me to get back to work on our soggy basement. 
I hope these funnies got you over the hump and heading for the weekend.
I'd like to add one serious note. A friend of mine is seriously ill and in need of prayers. Please take a moment and offer a prayer for him and for his family.  I'm not mentioning names to respect their privacy but God will know. Thank you.
Quote for Today: 

Story is to human beings what the pearl is to the oyster. ~ Joseph Gold



Clarissa Draper said...

I hope your friend feels well soon. I have a boxer and so that last picture really made me smile.

Maria Zannini said...

That last picture looks like a 3-dog pile-up.

And the old labrador reminds me of Tank. He should've been dead months ago, but the old boy is still ticking. We never miss a moment to show him how much we love him.

Linda G. said...

Sending up prayers for your friend. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Prayers for your friend.
If I get wine, I won't care if the file is missing.
And it has to be said - squid head!

mshatch said...

Love the puppy pile-up :)

Maryann Miller said...

I love these. Microsoft never offered me any wine. I'd take it. LOL

I think I like the dog with the sign as the "aw", mainly because of the octopus on his head.

Thanks for the chuckles, and I hope you can stay warm. Cold here in TX, but no snow or ice at this point. Weekend looks a bit iffy.

Maryann Miller said...

Oops, just saw the serious note. Prayers coming for your friend. And kudos for respecting his privacy. I had a friend on FB post the day my husband died, and I had not even told some family members. Our impulse is to ask for support for our friends, but we do need to stop a moment and think about what they would want us to do.

Carol Kilgore said...

Sending prayers for your friend. And good luck wishes to you for drying out your basement.

I love the dog with the octopus on his head!

Robin said...

I hope your basement dries out soon. That sounds like a major pain.

Prayers sent for your friend.

And... I looked for that Burn Notice clip but couldn't find it on YouTube. I wanted you to know that I didn't forget and I did try!

Jemi Fraser said...

Sending out warm wishes for your friend!

Hope your basement gets cleared up soon - water is SUCH a pain!!! Hard to clean up in the summer, but in this weather? Yuck! Wishing you all the best!

Love the dogs - both great awwwws :)

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Our local schools used up all their days too. Looks like a short summer for them and a big smile for me since I'm not teaching any more. However, that durn ice storm left us without power for almost twelve hours.
Praying for your friend.

Lexa Cain said...

I'm so sorry about your broken pipe and mess, and even sorrier about your friend. I hope he gets better soon.

It took me a while to understand the boxer puzzle pieces and put them in dog form. Haha!

I love the pic of the dog with the sign and octopus on his head! Good news and hilarious!

mooderino said...

Here's hoping your friend recovers to full health.

Moody Writing

Nicki Elson said...

Oy. Good luck with the soggy stuff. That's not fun. So I hope these funnies got you over the hump too.

One prayer was just sent up from my snowy corner of the world.

Mason Canyon said...

Saying prayers for your friend and hoping that your clean up goes well. The Dear Abby letters made me laugh. Take care in the snow.

Tina said...

That dog reminds me of the poem, "When I'm old I shall wear purple." Great pic. And who wouldn't want a boxer sandwich??

Praying for your friends. Prayer is powerful.

Wow, sorry about the basement. I hate messes like that...

Tina @ Life is Good
A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014
@TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Ooooh, sorry about the burst pipe. There's been a rash of them around Atlanta this winter, too. Nasty, nasty mess. Good luck with the clean-up.

Love the last pile-up pic. In all their sweet, loving, flatulent beauty, I love boxers.

Praying for your friend. And bless you for respecting his privacy.

LD Masterson said...

Clarissa - Thank you. And I'm glad.

Maria - Have you taken him over to poop on his vet's lawn?

Linda G. - Thank you.

Alex - Yup, it had to be said. Thanks.

mshatch - Me, too. Had to share it.

Maryann - I never post a name on something like this without the person's/family's permission. Of course, with prayers, no name it needed.

Carol - Thanks on both.

Robin - I couldn't find a clip of just that scene (no idea why)but I think you can still get the full episode if you're interested. I DVRed it and have watched it enough times, I know it by heart.

Jemi - It certainly would be easier dealing with this mess in summer. Oh well.

Susan G/K - Hope you kept warm during your power outage.

Lexa - Thank you. And I'm glad you enjoyed the pics.

mood - Thank you.

Nicki - My snowy corner thanks you.

Mason - You're the first person to comment on the Abby letters. I was beginning to fear I was the only one who thought they were funny.

Tina - A red hat society dog. I love that.

LD Masterson said...

Susan F.S. - Oops, your comment cam in while I was answering the others. I know Atlanta has been getting it's share of nasty weather this winter, too. And thank you.

Gina Gao said...

Hope your friend recovers soon. I liked the dog pileup very much.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I've seen the world now how do I get out - LOL!

Praying for your friend. said...

I love that one on all those same levels, LD. Some photos are perfect, and that's one of them.

Be well.
Stay warm and safe.
xoRobyn said...

PS Prayers are forthcoming.

Cate Masters said...

Ah, if only Windows had such messages. :)

Mike Keyton said...

and stepped off the stairs into several inches of cold water. The pipe issue has been resolved - the massive clean up of stuff that got wet remains
Good luck with that, Linda. Must admit it brought a wry smile. I know all about your polar vortex - cool name - but weather here has treated us differently ie most of Somerset is six feet under water.

LD Masterson said...

Gina - Thanks on both.

Diane - Thank you! I was hoping someone else would think that was as funny as I did.

Robyn -Thank you, all the way around.

Cate - It would work for me.

Mike - Oh no! Should we bring over some buckets?

Mike Keyton said...

Buckets? No Pumps and dredging machines. An E.U policy Document at the turn of this century dictated that some parts of Britain should revert to floodplains and be allowed to be covered in water. The Somerset levels was one such area, despite it having been successfully reclaimed by dutch engineering in the C17th. It's now prime farmland, or was. During the previous government this policy was quietly followed without consulting the people. Our Environment Agency just stopped all dredging, despite local objections and warnings. The results can now be seen. The spin is 'not our fault guv' climate change. Funny how Holland hasn't been flooded!

Tara Tyler R said...

so much fun!
and the snow days bring groans because of the calamity day work they have to do at home so we dont have to go extra days... it's an experiment, but i see it as a glimpse of the future - no more schools, just teachers, computers and students at home...

thanks for the fun and sweetness! that lab looks very much like mine!

Margo Kelly said...

Thanks for the smiles!! And I REALLY love the quote at the bottom. :)

Sarah Allen said...

I've figured out what I want in life, and it is a boxer sandwich.

Sarah Allen
(From Sarah, With Joy)

Pk Hrezo said...

Prayers for your friend.
And sorry about all your snow. It's been one heckuva winter.
Love the Dear Abbys!!

Heather Holden said...

Aw, that Octopus-wearing dog is too amusing! Also, so sorry about your friend. Will definitely think good thoughts for him!

LD Masterson said...

Mike - That's awful. Government, in it's infinite wisdom...

Tare - I've heard about the "home school snow days" but the concept hasn't reached our school district yet.

Margo - Thanks. I really liked that quote as well.

Sarah - Well, get thee to a shelter and adopt one.

Pk - Thank you, for all three.

Heather - I appreciate it.