Monday, November 19, 2012

Back From New Jersey

Hi.  I just wanted to let everyone know I'm back from doing disaster relief with the Red Cross in New Jersey.  Glad to be home, I can't do those 14 hours work shifts like I used to.  Getting soft in my old age.

Things are still pretty bad out there so as you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this week (for my friends in the US), please offer a prayer for all those affected by the storm and all those who are foregoing their holiday with their families to help others in need.

As you may remember, just before I left I said I was taking a couple weeks off blogging because I was falling behind schedule on too many things.  You can guess what that schedule looks like now.  So I'm going to be off line for a couple more weeks until I dig out from under.  Hope everything is well with all of you and I look forward to visiting you all again soon. 

And with that, I offer you my two favorite Thanksgiving Day cartoons. 

Happy Thanksgiving.