Friday, June 3, 2011

I Really Hate to Do This

I started this blog last spring. I really had no idea what I was doing (as I admitted in my first post).  I was polishing an almost finished manuscript and I was five months from retirement - ready to dive full time into my lifelong dream of being a published author.  And I was starting to discover the wealth of resources available to writers online.  One of the first things I learned was unpublished hopefuls need an online presence, so I created a website and started this blog.  

It's been fun.  I've met some great people, found (and keep finding) great blogs to follow, joined a few excellent e-mail groups, taken some really good workshops, and learned a lot about my craft.  I still may not know exactly what I'm doing but I've been having a good time with it and I've picked up a small but lovely group of Followers (bless each and every one of you).

In the meantime, I made the discovery that my finished manuscript was way too big and attempts to trim it down to size just weren't working.  So I disassembled it into two separate stories and started over.

Now I'm almost six months into retirement.  That new first draft that was about 30% complete in February is still about 30% complete.  A couple family issues have been added into the mix and my writing is at a standstill.  Time for drastic action. 

I've seen the word "blogcation" and the phrase "going dark".  I don't know if either fits but I'm basically saying good-bye for at least the month of June.  I'll try to put a blurb on FB every so often so you'll know I'm still around.  Please don't forget me or "unfollow" me before I get back.  

See you later.