Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Thought Cats Were Supposed to be Bright

Happy Hump Day

Let week we had fun with a little dog shaming. 
This week I'm giving equal time to our feline friends.
No, not "shaming" - 
seriously, have you ever seen a guilty cat? -
these would fall under the heading of "not too bright".

Do you think we should tell him there's an easier way to reach that toy?

Like maybe walking around the door.

Oh, and to keep your brains in better shape than these kitties,
here are a few more entries from the
Engineer's Conversion Table.

Basic unit of laryngitis = 1 hoarsepower

 453.6 graham crackers = 1 pound cake

1 million-million microphones = 1 megaphone

Here's another kitty who seems to have a problem with doors.

It's the flap on your right, sweetie. On your right.

More conversion units:
52 cards = 1 decacards

1 kilogram of falling figs = 1 FigNewton

2000 mockingbirds = 2 kilomockingbirds  

I especially like that last one.

 I'm not sure what this little guy was thinking.

But don't you love his expression?
 Hopefully that hand is coming to the rescue.

And still more conversion units:

1000 milliliters of wet socks = 1 literhosen

1 millionth of a fish = 1 microfiche

100 rations = 1 C-ration

 I can hear this guy thinking, "Oh crap. Now what."

 Little help here, please.

Okay, last of the conversion table:

2 monograms = 1 diagram

 4 nickels = 2 paradigms

2.4 statute miles of intravenous surgical tubing at Yale University Hospital = 1 IV League


Since I picked on cats today, I know I should offer a cute kitten for your "aw",
but this picture just came my way yesterday and I fell in love with this face.

Bet you said it.
(Who could resist that smile?)

Alrighty then. Are we there? Over that dreaded mid week hump?
On our way to the weekend?

Did you have a favorite?

Have a great day, week, weekend -
and I'll see you next Wednesday.

Lesson for Today:  (I know this is a little long but I think it's worth it.)

There once was a woman who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed she had only three hairs on her head. 'Well,' she said, 'I think I'll braid my hair today.'  So she did and she had a wonderful day.

The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and saw that she had only two hairs on her head. 'Hmm' she said, 'I think I'll part my hair down the middle today.'  So she did and she had a grand day.

 The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that she had only one hair on her head. 'Well,' she said, 'today I'm going to wear my hair in a pony tail.'  So she did, and she had a fun, fun day.

The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that there wasn't a single hair on her head.  'YAY!' she exclaimed. 'I don't have to fix my hair today!' 

Attitude is everything.


DL Hammons said...

I LOVE that dog smile! *sigh* :)

Maryannwrites said...

Loved the pictures and the commentary. And I laughed out loud at the end of the Thought For the Day. What a great lesson in positive thinking. Thanks. Since I am having so much fun at The Blood Red Pencil and my own blog, It's Not All Gravy, I think I will link to your blog on mine and give folks three places to have some fun on this Hump Day.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Those measurements make me smile and great positive thought for the day.

Robin said...

The cat pics made me laugh.

As for the attitude, that is a great attitude. I know I wouldn't feel that way in her shoes... eeks.

Linda G. said...

Attitude IS everything. And that pup obviously has a good attitude.

As for the kitty pics ... well, I suppose they depict a certain catitude. ;)

Emily R. King said...

The cat in the bottle is so great. So is the window screen one. My dad used to spray water on our cats when they got stuck on the window screens to deter them from clawing at them. A wet cat stuck to a screen is a funny sight!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I love the cat pictures, but what I liked the very best? That story at the end. THAT is the kind of attitude I'd like to have and keep. :) Thanks for sharing it.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Cats are fascinating how they want to squeeze into small places. lol

LD Masterson said...

DL - How could anyone not?

Maryann - Cool. I love leading people to fun places.

Susan G/K - Glad you enjoyed them.

Robin - I'm afraid I'd have trouble with it myself.

Linda G. - Catitude. Love that.

Emily - A wet cat almost anywhere is a funny sight. Although I'm sure the cat wouldn't agree.

Susan F.S. - I've had that one a long time but I thought it was too long for a post wrap up. I'm glad I was wrong.

Donna - I've often wondered if cat really have bones. Doesn't seem possible.

Murees Dupè said...

Cats are just the best. They look so cute when they are guilty. I know my cat does.

Anonymous said...

Hee, hee. I love that cat in the bowl photo. And that dog is adorable. Thanks for the smiles, the laughs, and the attitude adjustment. Happy Hump Day!

mshatch said...

Cat #1 is prolonging the fun. Cat #2 is refusing to use the cat door because it doesn't open for her like the other one. Cat #3...ok, I don't know what that cat was thinking but cat #4 is clearly sending a message to the idiots inside: LET ME IN!

I want to kiss that happy little white dog.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Those were funny. That poor stupid kitty that can't get through the door...

Maria Zannini said...

That poor cat in that jar. I hope he could get out as easily as he got in.

Dog smiles are the best. They always cheer me up.

Stacy McKitrick said...

I like the cat on the screen best. Happy Hump Day! :)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Attitude is definitely everything and my attitude . . . well, I'm thankful for the aws, the funnies, and the chocolate I found on top of my fridge (kept there for days like this). :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Attitude really is Everything!
Love the microfiche & the kiomockingbirds!! :)

Kristin Smith said...

Loved the thought for the day. It's so true—it's all about your attitude. Thanks for getting me through the hump! Can't wait 'til the weekend! :)

Unknown said...

Megaphone! 1 deckacards! 2 Paradigms! LOL! The kitty in the jar looks like like he's been pickled - what a face!

Yes, attitude IS everything. Thanks so much for reminding me and for all the laughs. Luv ya!

LD Masterson said...

Murees - Aha. So they can look guilty. I've never seen one do that.

lori - Thanks. Backatcha.

mshatch - Okay, I can agree with all those interpretations.

Alex - Even my Sophie can manage a pet door and she's...well, let's not go there.

Maria - Well, I know cats don't have any bones so his human will probably be able to just pour him out.

Stacy - Gotta love his expression.

Tyrean - Well, who wouldn't be thankful for chocolate? (Actually, right I gave it up for Lent and Easter is a looooong way away.)

Jemi - Yup, it is. And the kilomockingbirds was my favorite, hands down.)

Kristin - Hang on. It's coming.

Lexa - You're right. It's a pickled puss puss. lol

Chrys Fey said...

Those all look like things my cats would do. They are so silly! But none of them would be able to fit into a vase like that. They are all too big. Haha! said...

Attitude accounts for a lot, and that smiling doggy has a great attitude. Thanks for the smiles, LD.

Kaye George said...

The whole post is my favorite! I just read all the conversions to Hubby--we both like them.

Heather R. Holden said...

Oh, gosh, those cats crack me up so much. Thanks for the laugh!

Empty Nest Insider said...

Cute cat pics! I also got a kick out of "2 kilomockingbirds!"
I especially enjoyed your last story! What a wonderful message that we can all learn from!


Mark Koopmans said...

I'm not a cat person... raised in a house of dogs... but those pictures are hilarious... the cat in the cradle of the bottle was a bit scary.. how did he get in there!!

And I sooooo agree... attitude IS everything :)

LD Masterson said...

Chrys - We'll get you a bigger vase.

Robyn - You're most welcome.

Kaye - Yay, I made two people smile.

Heather - Glad you enjoyed.

Julie - Yeah, that attitude message seemed worth sharing. I'm glad so many people agree.

Mark - I'm a dog person as well, but the one secret I've figured out about cats and tight places...cats don't have any bones. They're completely squooshy.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

That first one looks like our cat Spunky whom we lost yesterday.

alexia said...

I love cats, but all's fair if you made fun of dogs last week :) Actually, I did have to rescue my cat a couple weeks ago. He had gotten too rowdy on the carpeted stairs to the loft and fallen so that he was hanging my only his two little paws, completely suspended and pretty high up. He then proceeded to howl, woke me up, and I came to the rescue :)

LD Masterson said...

Aw, Diane, I'm so sorry. I know he took a piece of your heart with him but you will always have the piece of his he left behind.

LD Masterson said...

Alexia - Gives a new meaning to the term "rescued pet".

Karen Lange said...

I agree - attitude is everything. Thanks for helping me laugh and keep things in good perspective. Have a great weekend!

Sherry Ellis said...

I like the puss on that cat in the fish bowl. I have to wonder how he got out of that thing!

cleemckenzie said...

You are 100% right. It's the attitude that counts. I feel like that cat a lot of the time. :-)

Misha Gerrick said...

The dog is so cute!

Also, awesome message at the end. :-)

Mike Keyton said...

Cat in the Jar. Dr Seuss never got round to that one. How the hell did that cat get in?!

LD Masterson said...

Karen - Well, I'm late getting back to you but I hope your weekend was great as well.

Sherry - I'm hoping his human poured him out. Cats are basically liquid you know. *grin*

C. Lee - I've had days when I felt like all of them. And thanks for "following" me.

Misha - Gotta love that puppy dog smile.

Mike - Oh, you're right. That would have made a great Dr. Seuss.